Leading Off

Hello everyone!  I hope that this message finds everyone reading it safe and sound.  My name is Gordon Beckham and I was drafted by the Chicago White Sox in the recent June Draft.  Signing in the middle of August left me only about half a month to get my feet wet in pro ball, it’s amazing how much you learn in such a short period of time.

For the next month and a half, I will be representing the White Sox in the Arizona Fall League. So far, I have really enjoyed my teammates and the low-key attitude they seem to have. These guys have much more experience and always take things in stride. I look forward to watching the older guys to see how they handle themselves on and off the field. It will be a privilege to play with these guys day in and day out.

Looking back, I had three unbelievable years at the University of Georgia. My time spent there was some of the best moments of my life so far. I am very proud to say I am a Georgia Bulldog. I am also supported by an incredible family who has always been there for me.  My dad (Gordon) and mom (Sully) have stuck with me through thick and thin and I have always appreciated their unwavering encouragement and support.  My two sisters, Gwen (19) and Grace (16), have always seemed to keep me grounded and I am very proud of the way they handle themselves all the time. I’m just glad they don’t make me have to be a very protective older brother. Enough about me, I look forward to my next post a week from today.


  1. districtboy

    Hey Gordon, it’s awesome to see you have your own blog now. It must be so cool being able to play in the top fall league in the world, just four months after playing college. You looked great in Kannapolis this year and I hope you do the same in Winston-Salem and Birmingham next year. If you do in fact get to play in Winston-Salem in 2009, perhaps I could catch a game at Pfitzner Stadium (Potomac) and see you play against the P-Nats.


  2. balloonflower@aol.com

    Gman, Congrats on your blog and success in AZ for the Sox! You are awesome, and it will be tough without #6 in the field and at the plate in Athens this season. Stay healthy, focused and keep on doing what you do best – play hard! Looking forward to following your success next spring. Chicago is in for big wins with you! Love from all in Sweet Home.
    Mrs. H.

  3. kamc725@aol.com

    Hello Gordon – – wow wee what a ride you have had. We have been watching all along. I hope this finds you well and in good spirits. We are cheering you on and we are so very proud of you. Boy oh boy did Chicago ever get lucky when they got you. Enjoy the ride. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Much success during Fall Ball.
    Karen D – from Massachusettes

  4. frankawakiak


    Good luck this fall, hopefully all goes well. It will be great to read how you’re developing and hopefully it’s not too long until you start making an impact at the major league level.

  5. joecoolman24

    Hey GoBe (can I call you that?), do you think that there is a chance you move over to 2B? Has it been suggested to you?

  6. oi.prick13@yahoo.com

    Great to see get to play in the AFL Gordon. Good to see a Georgia native in the Sox organization. Keep up the hard work and hope to see you soon.

  7. redeyeexposure

    Obviously not an english major…

    But I can’t wait to see how you handle yourself in the majors. If you want to play for the sox, keep your mind open to whatever position they want you to play. Good luck, can’t wait to hear about your progress.

    I wasn’t an english major either.

  8. sul39@bellsouth.net

    Hello there, Gordon Beckham!
    We are missing you here in the south! I am excited for all that you are doing and learning, and thrilled to hear you are doing so well out there with baseball! Keep up the good work on and off the field! Chicago is going to need you soon…And keep the blog updates coming! We have a mound of people who are pulling for you and interested in what is happening in Arizona… but I am still probably your biggest fan! SHB

  9. msms882705718@aol.com

    Hey Gordo, now I can find out what’s happening without asking Mrs. H or T-dog. Glad to hear everything is going great for you. Know you will be checking in with your buddy #17 from Bulldawg Central. Hey, what’s your number? Is it lucky #6? Hang in there and have a great time. Always, “Aunt Mary”.

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