Guest Blogger: Jordan Danks


Hey everyone, my name is Jordan Danks and I am a 22 year old outfielder in the White Sox organization. You may be wondering why my last name sounds so familiar, that is because if you are a Sox fan you have probably heard of my older brother John Danks who just spent his second full season in the big leagues for the sox. I like to believe that I’ve been with the Sox longer than he has though because I was actually drafted out of high school by them in the 19th round in 2005. However, I elected to attend the University of Texas and play for Augie Garrido. After three years as a Longhorn I was lucky enough to play in the same organization as my brother. I signed in late August and was immediately shipped out to Kannapolis North Carolina to play for the Intimidators (class low-A) for the remaining 12 games of their season. When the season ended I had about two weeks off before attending the instructional league right here in Arizona. After spending a month in Arizona I was only home a week before discovering I would be returning for another month. Truth be told I was bummed at first because I had just gotten back home. Once I realized what a terrific opportunity this was though I became ecstatic. I have enjoyed my time here so far and met a lot of great guys. We have unbelievable team chemistry. It is really fun being able to play with guys from different organizations and especially with those you read about every time a new Baseball America is published. Also it is really cool to be wearing the official uniform of the Chicago White Sox. hopefully after the saguaros win the AFL, Ill get to wear it at US Cellular Field some day. 


             Jordan Danks

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  1. wankfunk


    We are very glad you are in the org as well as able to blog with GBecks. Many Sox fans were glad when we drafted you years ago and even more happy when you finally signed this year.

    A couple of questions: Do you feel like you are a better hitter using a wood bat? it seems like your power production has picked up in the AFL and at Kanny. Also, what position do you envision playing at the major league level, it seems people are split between you as a CF’er or a corner guy. Thanks, and we look forward to you playing in Chicago hopefully soon!

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