Guest Blogger: Cole Armstrong


Hi everyone my name is Cole Armstrong and I am a 25 year old catcher in the Chicago White Sox organization.  I split this past year between Double A Birmingham and Triple A Charlotte.  I was born and raised just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia….Yes Canada.  While most of the kids I grew up with dreamt of suiting up for the canucks or some other NHL team my love was always baseball. (Although I do religiously follow the Canucks.)  I was drafted by the Mets in 2001 but elected to attend the U.of Kansas.  After a year as a Jayhawk I transferred to Chipola Junior College in Florida.  Following that 2003 season I was drafted in the 16th round by the Braves, and signed my first proffesional contract.  After three seasons spent in the lower levels of the braves sysetem I found myself coming off of a subpar year in Low class A.  To make things worse I had Brian Mcann, Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Clint Sammons ahead of me in a catching thick braves minor league system.  That winter I caught a break when the White Sox claimed me in the minor league portion of the Rule Five Draft.  I have spent the past  three seasons working my way up the ladder and as I said earlier finished this year in Triple A.
Upon being told I would be playing in the AFL I was ecstatic.  Just thinking of how many great players spent a fall in this league made me realize how close I was to my ultimate goal of being a major league player.  Aside from being thrilled that Im enjoying 95 degree weather in October I have had a blast playing with the Saguaros.  Our team immediatly gelled this fall getting off to an 8-0 start.  While we have run into a few losses sice then we have stayed atop our division standings.  As Im sure youve read in other blogs by Saguaros players the chemistry on ths team is increadible.  Its like being on a team that has played together for years, we seem to have a never say die attitude that is infectious through our dugout.  I attribute alot of our success to our coaching staff who have worked tirelessly with all of us.  They are by far the first ones in the clubhouse and the last to leave.  One experience I have really enjoyed out here is interacting with players from other organizations.  It is amazing to see the similarities and differences between us as we all reach for the same goal.  The only complaint I have to this point is the lack of hockey coverage out here, however I did make it to a coyotes game so that should suffice for a few weeks. Hopefully “The Cacti” as we have come to call ourselves continue to roll all the way to an AFL championship.  Go Cacti!

Sincerely, Cole Armstrong

One comment

  1. sockinsox

    Nice, looking forward to seeing you in the show sometime soon Cole. I had no idea you were a Rule 5 pick pretty interesting stuff!

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