White Sox in the AFL


Hello everyone!  Another week has passed and my how they seem to fly by.  Thank you to all of the responses that I received last week.  I really appreciate people taking time out of their day to write such nice notes.  To the Matheson’s, I would have called but I lost my phone so I don’t have your number!  So would you please make my phone ring so I have your number once again.

This past week has been a little less eventful than the week before.  I played in the rising stars game this past Friday.  I was selected along with everyone else by various scouts and GM’s from around the league.  It was obviously a great honor to be selected and I enjoyed every second of the game.  It is fun to play with the best in the minors everyday, but it is another to play with the best of the best in one game.  The game was actually the most intense game I have played in since the last game of the College World Series.  We went into extra innings and ended up losing in the bottom of the tenth on a walk off walk.  Talk about a way to end a game.

Probably more importantly than baseball, my mom and sister flew in today.  Gwen, my sister, is actually missing the Georgia-Florida game this weekend to come see me which is a big deal for any Georgia fan.  The Georgia-Florida game is the biggest game of the year for the Dawgs and the Gators.  And my little sis decided to skip it to come see me so it means a lot.  Mom is also taking some time out of her busy schedule to come see her baby boy.  I keep telling her I am not a baby anymore, but apparently she doesn’t really care what I think.  It is always nice to see them and even more so when I had not seen them in about a month and a half.  They bombarded me with questions of course because they are women and that’s what women do.  I tried to answer as patiently as I could but enough is enough.  They will obviously be hitting up fashion square for the remainder of the weekend (sorry Dad), and they will catch a couple of games while they are here.  But other than that, all is quiet on the western front.  I look forward to writing you next week.